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The hosting provider is one of the fundamental pillars of a web project. It is advisable to buy a host. However, you may not have a budget, and you prefer to opt for free hosting.

Currently, the free web hosting account with power and modern technologies (PHP, MySQL, and FTP) uses the content management systems (WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop), so that is an option more than interesting.

If you want to hire a free hosting, this post is going to be great for you. We will give you 5 non-advertising web hosting options to host your web pages. Before you see what the best is, let’s see what the advantages and disadvantages of free hosting are.

Advantages of a free hosting

Free accommodation has important advantages that make it a very attractive option. These are its qualities:

  • Free: this is your main advantage. It doesn’t matter what your budget is because you don’t need to spend a cent on free hosting.
  • Real environment: a server that works on the Internet. When you work locally you may experience problems that are typical of the program you use (such as Xampp), however, here you will not have those problems.
  • Learning: being a real environment, the learning experience is much more reliable. It’s like playing a card video game with a console or driving one. It’s not the same.
  • Email: in addition to a space for your website, hosting also provides you with a place to host and manage your email.
  • Visibility: as it is online from the first minute, you can link it to your domain and let your potential customers know through SEO.

The 5 best webs hosting free

After researching, signing up for many and trying non-stop, we have prepared a list with the 5 best free hosts, based on their characteristics and the best results they have given us.

  1. LucusHost

Is the free hosting that we liked? This young Spanish company integrates the highest quality standards in terms of performance and software.

It offers 1 GB of storage space, 5 GB monthly transfer, and 24-hour technical support. In addition to PHP technology (you can choose the version), MySQL, FTP, Spanish, IP, and SSL let’s Encrypt certificate.

The subject of 24/7 support is very striking. It is a declaration of intent on the part of the company, which offers both free hosting without advertising and payment accommodation at very competitive prices.

  1. 000 WebHost

A long-distance Company, great tradition, and popularity. It belongs to the same company as Hostinger, which has recently stopped offering free hosting. It has a renewed interface and is now also in Spanish.

Its traditional disks (SSD in the payout version) have 1 GB of storage capacity. The monthly transfer is 10 GB. The control panel is cPanel, although a custom control panel runs above it.

It allows you to host 2 websites and use 5 email accounts and 2 databases of 1 GB each. You can choose a subdomain, or you can use your own domain, either purchased, parked, or pointed.

  1. X10Hosting

This interesting provider is advertised as unlimited free hosting. The United States company is one of the most recognized worldwide and has more than 12 million web pages hosted on its servers.

By default, it comes with its own panel that can be changed to cPanel x3 by clicking on the “Switch Theme”. When you select it, the system is re, started, and we have to log back in.

Now he shows us an old version. To find an updated panel of this software, we must click on the selector inside cPanel (not the top bar) and select “x10x3”.

  1. AwardSpace

It belongs to the German company AttractSoft, which has numerous free hosting and payment services. Its website reflects modernity while its control panel is outdated.

They have recently translated the interface into Spanish and other languages. It stands out for having support, although they do not leave the skin to attend to the users of a free plan. You can use your own domain and add up to 3 subdomains.

Its features are 1 GB of space on SSD drives, 5 GB of transfer and a MySQL database, version selector, PHP, and an email account.

  1. Free Hosting

We closed the list with this Czech supplier with an old-fashioned website. Don’t be trusted by appearances because, like LucusHost, it incorporates the WHMCS combo and cPanel, a guarantee of success.

While it is true that the software is wonderful, the hardware is not so wonderful. The problem is that their free plan is very capable. The 10 GB of space and unlimited transfer are a mere mirage.

This accommodation can only host web, email, and database. You cannot create subdomains, Park domains, or have SSL. In addition, you do not have the PHP send_mail function which is responsible for running the contact form of a website.

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