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Web Hosting Info, Best Free Host Sites, Security and Types

Types and Security of Web Hosting, News and Best Free Services

Web Hosting Info, Best Free Host Sites, Security and Types

Get all the info you need about web hosting. How to pick the right host for you, & differences between free & paid services with example for online casino hosting.

Things you Should Know Before Picking

For developers, bloggers, small business owners, sports betting sites and other platforms learning how to choose a web host is very hard. Before rushing into web hosting, you need to make a good research on what type of web hosting is the most suited for you. There are many types of web hosting and so many factors involved you should consider before picking. One of the first things you should find out is what type of web hosting you need. You also need to determine what type of site you’re building. The website type will determine the features that are most important to have. Next, you need to understand the features and the resources you require. Pricing is also a very important part of choosing the right type of web hosting. You must understand how the web hosting pricing works and think ahead for your website. Choose a type of web hosting that will help you grow.

Different Types of Web Hosting

There are various types of web hosting that can help you get your site on the web. Each of these types of web hosting caters directly to the needs of the web owner – whether they are big or small. They all function as a storage place for the website, but they differ in reliability, server speed, technical knowledge requirement, control and the amount of storage capacity.

  • Shared hosting means that your website is hosted on a server shared by other websites. The advantage of this setup is the shared cost.
  • Dedicated hosting provides website owners with high control over the server where their website is stored on.
  • VPS hosting plan (Virtual Private Server) represents a mixture of a shared and dedicated server. It’s great for website owners who need more control and not a dedicated server necessarily.
  • Cloud hosting is one of the buzzword of the tech industry. It refers to many computers working together and running applications that are using combined computing resources.
  • “You do it all yourself” is the “name” of the ultimate hosting plan, which includes: buying the servers, installing and configuring the software, as well as making sure there is power and sufficient cooling in your machine room.

Free or Paid Hosting?

Free web hosting is a very attractive option for small business owners. However, one should be familiar with the differences between free and paid web hosting services, especially before building a website. On the other hand, companies like sports betting sites where it’s about a lot of real money, will not limit their online presence on free web hosting services, because of multiple reasons. The name of free web hosting services is included in the site’s domain name, while paid hosting allows using the domain name without the external name of the website. Speed is a major factor with a great impact on a website. Online casinos are virtual platforms that need to be online all the time, without slowing and unlimited bandwidth. Siteground is a host known for its outstanding performance, as well as website support. Another great thing is that Siteground is a fast and reliable gambling site that offers hosting services on a global level. Online casinos have a lot of traffic and often have spikes in traffic. That mostly depends on the time, the new games they put and the attractive casino bonuses, such as: welcome casino bonuses with real money and no deposit casino bonuses they offer to entice new players. Online casino platforms like this mustn’t allow themselves to be part of an unreliable or slow web host.

Best Free Web Hosting Services

The popularity of free web hosting has significantly increased in recent years. There are many reasons why so; with all the expenses of running a successful website, it’s challenging trying to cut costs by staying within budget. Following are the best free web hosting services to consider:

  1. – enjoying a huge reputation based upon 15 years in the business and nearly 30,000,000 users from 178 countries, Hostinger is one of the most dominant players in the free web hosting industry.
  2. – its strongest attribute is an impressive speed and their no-ads policy which promotes a much cleaner and friendlier user experience.
  3. – a relatively small player in the world of web hosting with approximately 200,000 customers. Despite the small client base, InfinityFree has managed to build a reputation of the most feature-rich web host on the market that comes for free.
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